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Hello!! Thanks for checking our blog out and seeing what fun, new information we can give you to help you improve your health and fitness!

  • You are all so unbelievable and doing so well!  Before we do the draw for  6 weeks of free ChicBoxing and a set of focus pads, we’re going to give you one more week to submit your after photos and any comments/food diaries/thoughts that you may have regarding your success and struggles with the challenges.

    Thank you so much for participating.  If  you’ve made it this far- you are truly remarkable. 

    I hope you feel as though you have made some fantastic changes over the last few weeks.

    Keep posted for the draw winner, happening next week:-)

    Sara and the ChicBoxing Team

One Response to “It’s time to win… extended for one more week!- Challenge Finale”

  1. Alison says:

    Well Sara I have had a great last 6 weeks kickboxing with you and keeping up with your blog!! I am not very consistent in sticking with all of the challenges but i have loved reading them and having something to keep in the back of my mind until i feel guilty enough not to eat something! haha and actually my boyfriend has helped a lot too, he quite often catches me sneaking a treat and is like ‘I’m gonna tell Sara on you!!” haha anyways now that I have confessed the truth you should know that there are some things i have changed! I have almost completely cut out juice and drink only water (lots of it) and have cut down from two sugar in my tea to just one…working on going black! I am also eating many more greens. I have always loved salad but I am experimenting with it much more to make it a full meal instead of a side and if theres no salad with dinner i make sure theres at least something green on my plate! Cutting out the sugary treats is still a bit of a challenge however i have cut out a lot and replaced my candy snacks with lots of fresh fruit! Keep the ideas flowing Sara keep up the good work with the blog!

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