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  • Fast Food- the price we pay

    20 July 2011
    || Sara

    It’s time to take inventory of ALL the foods that you eat out each week.  So, for example, do you go to Tim Horton’s or Starbucks everyday?  Maybe you always eat at your school cafeteria or grab something quick when you fill up at the gas station.  Or, maybe you feel that it’s faster to grab food on the go and go to a drive thru like McDonald’s or Wendy’s for lunch or dinner?  What I need you to do is add up how much MONEY you’re spending on eating out each week!!

    Now that you’ve done the tally and I’m assuming you were being brutally honest.  I will bet it’s anywhere from $30-$150 (or more) that you’re spending each week ($5/day = $35/week)

    Do you know that the one of the biggest excuses for not eating healthy is that it’s too expensive??

    Let’s say you spend, on the low end,  $35/week eating fast food.  You could very easily buy a weeks worth of groceries (healthy ones at that) for $35 if you budget right… in season fruits and veggies for a week ($12), rice ($5) and sale items of meat, eggs, cottage cheese, tuna ($18).

    So, if you’re guilty of saying that eating healthy is too expensive and you’re eating out regularly, think again….

    OH, and if you really think it’s FASTER… add up how much time you wait in the line up or sit at a table to get your food.  I’ll bet you the amount of time spent in line-ups to get your “fast” food, you could’ve spent making real food for half the cost….

    Try it out… make a liar out of me… all I know is that both your wallet and YOU will be healthier and happier if you cut out your Fast Food eaten at restaurants and start eating homemade, healthy, quick and easy food!

    Let me know your quick tip recipes and food suggestions below!!



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