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  • On the Road Again…..

    14 May 2014
    || Sara

    I have started running again and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy this time around!! My fitness level isn’t where it once was due to a shoulder injury that I’ve been babying and the crazy winter that we just had…. With all that said, it’s time to turn it ALL around:-) Today’s run was the best so far. I haven’t been running with music and I think this may be one of my major problems, so I have to get some music on my phone again. I also love the Nike+ Running app which tracks my distance, time and route. My dog is also loving getting out since it was such a rough winter and her time outside was limited. I also have a goal of the Warrior Dash which is about a 5km obstacle run uphill, both ways… no joke! :-) Currently I’m doing 4 mins of running with 1 min of walking times 4 rounds. So about 19-25 mins depending on my route. Anyone out there struggle with running or working out in general??? No one said it was easy, but often hard is so much more rewarding:-)

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