are We?

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Amanda Costa, , Chicboxing Coach Certified

Hi everyone! I’ve been a long-time ChicBoxer for more than three years now. I knew as soon as I took that initial “free” class that it was a good fit for me.  My love for these amazing classes lead me to become a ChicBoxing coach.  It just felt like the next logical, natural progression in my ChicBoxing life!  It enabled me to fulfill my desire to lead and empower other amazing women with their own fitness goals.

I am empowered by all the women who attend and am completely inspired by their hard work. It’s that commitment that makes me drive you harder and push you further. MY GOAL is to INSPIRE you and keep you coming back for more. Your success reinforces my desire to teach and I am proud to say that our members are amazing at feeding that desire! I feel truly blessed to be able to coach.

For me, being a ChicBoxing coach is also an extension of my deep-rooted dedication to wellness and natural health. It has helped me align the rest of my habits with a healthy exercise routine. I strive to always find new ways to stay fit while maintaining a balance of wellness and holistic care so that I can stay strong and agile, and age gracefully!

I am in awe of how far members have come in their own personal journeys. And I am so proud to say that I’ve been able to have help them reach their goals. Nothing like being surrounded by confident, amazing women to pursue your own goals! 

Amanda Costa  

Elmvale Coach