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Krista-lee Mejia, , ChicBoxing Coach Certified

Hey all!!  Nice to meet you! 

I haven’t always been into “physical’ training, until I decided to actively pursue a job in law enforcement 6 years ago and I knew I needed training if I was going to ensure safe streets and come home alive and safe to my family every night.  

Before then, I always wanted to learn more about MMA and boxing techniques but was so nervous and timid to enter a gym in order to train that way.  Always wondering, "Would I be judged with no experience? Do I train with only men? Would I look uncoordinated?".  I finally got up the courage to go; and found it so liberating as I grew and developed a love for the knowledge and technique in martial arts.  All of my past anxiety I once had about entering a gym is why I love ChicBoxing; it's a Women's Only facility with ALL levels; we’re a support group, a community or, as I would like to call it, “ Family”… Empowering and Encouraging!!! 

I’ve trained Muay Thai, MMA and Defensive Tactics. I have also had the opportunity to train with world champions and Im constantly learning more technique that Im excited to share with our ChicBoxers!"