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Amazing, energetic and passionate coaches that want to help YOU!

Sara Cairncross, Creator of Chicboxing, BSc Nutrition, PTS, FIS

Hey there!! Thanks for checking us out. I'm Sara Cairncross, creator of ChicBoxing.

I wasn't always fit.  Chances are, I was just like you- unsure how to get/be fit, unco-ordinated, unmotivated  and quite frankly, fat.  I was "skinny" fat- no muscle tone and a rather average size.  I'm an average gal- I've never done a fitness competition and although I know I could (and then I could post pictures all over social media pretending that's what I look like under my clothes every day...) but, just like overeating, I feel that those competitions promote extreme and unhealthy eating and lifestyle practices that are too regimented- who wants to eat chicken and broccoli for breakfast??  Why am I telling you this?  So you can understand that ChicBoxing was developed for everyone- every body, every age and every fitness level.  We can help you with the eating side of things as we've helped 100's of women like you with their food intake and to create healthier eating habits and lifestyles, but they will be just that- ways to work with your lifestyle and a lifestyle change.  We are REAL. Real women, real food, real workouts, real results and for REAL people- like you! 

Here are some other reasons as to how ChicBoxing came to be:

Reason #1. For over 14 years, I've worked with both men and women to help improve their lives through exercise and nutrition. With a BSc in Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, this has been the focus of my life since graduating university. I'm completely passionate about helping others understand and start to feel the incredible benefits of exercise and eating well.

Reason #2. I know that working with both a Trainer AND in a Group atmosphere is the BEST way to see results. It is proven that you will see better results when you workout with a personal fitness trainer. I've been blessed and determined to combine the best of both Personal Training and Group Fitness into amazing, fun, kick butt classes where those that join will experience phenomenal RESULTS firsthand.

Reason #3. Fitness Kickboxing is the Ultimate workout to get the body and mind that you dream of while having an absolute blast!! You don't need to be co-ordinated to do the workout which is a huge bonus, you can burn off enormous amounts of stress while punching things like focus pads (not people) AND you get an amazing core workout (aka... abs)!

Reason #4. I wanted to deliver a quality class while keeping the cost low. Working with a Personal Trainer will cost anywhere from $60-$125 for one hour and we all know how much gym memberships drain our bank account even if we don't go! ChicBoxing makes sure that both YOU and your wallet are happy!!

Reason #5. My friends and family have all seen the benefits that fitness has had on me, things like weight loss, muscle tone and a happier outlook on life, and this has made me want to share all of this with YOU.

Hope to help you in the fight to get, or stay, fit :-)

Sara Cairncross