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Susan Hunter, , ChicBoxing Coach Certified

ChicBoxing has always played a huge role in my life. I started ChicBoxing as a way to get back in shape. But it proved to have such a huge effect on me that I eventually took up being a coach in order to help other women experience the same.

From day one, I loved the support and camaraderie that ChicBoxing provided. Everyone made me feel right at home from the get go – and I strive to do the same for others today.
I love the unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm that my ChicBoxing members have and I feed off of that to continually come up with innovative exercises and combinations. I truly believe that, together, we can achieve so much more.
One of the great things I love about ChicBoxing and about being a coach is being able to see the amazing member results.
In particular, I love seeing new people join because I know they WILL see results with this program. It's great to see how new members change over the course of a few weeks. They notice the changes in their bodies and I notice the change in their confidence and attitude.
ChicBoxing is a way of life, not just a fitness program. It will bring positive changes to all aspects of your life and it will give you the opportunity to make your health a priority.
Susan Hunter
Elmvale Coach