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  • Feeling Blue? Exercise Helps!!!

    8 May 2012
    || Sara

    Depression is an illness that no one wants to talk about let alone admit they struggle with it.  Most people who suffer from depression are embarrassed by the diagnosis and therefore can become more withdrawn from their family and friends which in turn makes them fall deeper into their depression.

    Depression may be caused by one factor alone or by a combination of factors.  These include:  a family history, a chemical imbalance in the brain, difficult life events, traumatic events in childhood such as abuse, neglect, divorce or family violence, gender – women are more likely to develop depression than men, increased work demands, chronic illness, low income, living alone or divorced people, and lastly substance abuse.   Most times it is a combination of those mentioned factors, not just one.  Other than medication and therapy, the next most highly recommended “treatment” is lifestyle changes.  These lifestyle changes include exercise, nutrition, and proper sleep.  Depression is an illness that will not go away by itself.  Medication and therapy can help but it does not cure it.

    When I was first diagnosed with depression all I wanted to do was stay in bed.  I was a single mom in a male dominant working environment.  My son was extremely ill and my colleagues viewed me as weak due to my constant calling in sick to take care of my son. I felt judged, alone and inadequate.  There were many days when I didn’t want to get out of bed- let alone work out.  However, on those days, I would force myself to attend my ChicBoxing class (helps when you join with a friend because for someone who suffers from depression letting people down is a huge factor) and when I was done, every single time, I would think to myself  “I’m SO glad I forced myself to go, I feel great!”  This is a daily process, it doesn’t just go away, it is a constant struggle.  I feel best when I finish a class, the endorphins kick in which in turn releases all those other wonderful feelings associated to exercise.  I try to hold on to these feelings so the next time I try to tell myself I don’t ‘feel’ like going I can remember how great it feels when I’m done:-)

    Remember, depression is an illness- not a choice.  People who suffer from depression don’t choose to feel the way they do.  It’s like cancer, no one chooses to have it, it can just happen.  No one would CHOOSE to feel like laying in bed all day, not showering or seeing anyone.  It IS an illness.  What you can do is CHOOSE to help it.  By forcing yourself to be active you are trying to help your depression and ChicBoxing, in my opinion, is the best workout to help because you get to hit stuff:-)  When the day comes where you just can’t seem to convince yourself to go, remember, it’s ONLY one hour and you can’t help but feel better when you’re done. You will be SO glad you did:-)

    A special thanks to Tina T- one of our substitute instructors for sharing her knowledge with Battling Depression

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