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  • *The following testimonials are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have participated in a ChicBoxing program. They are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.

    - ChicBoxing

  • 2 months ago I stumbled across the add for the 28 Day Transformation from ChicBoxing.  
    At that point in my life, I was searching for a way to enjoy life again, lose weight and just be happy.  I took that plunge and not knowing what this journey was about I decided to give it a try. 
    It is a decision I will never regret. From teaching me to make myself a priority, learning how to meal plan and the effectiveness of grocery lists, this journey was a new way of life starting for me.  I am a strong woman and I am proud to say I stuck to the "program" and have seen some amazing results :  better energy, better sleep, a 13 lb weight loss and a 6" loss around the biggest part of my body, more happy thoughts and all around more positive person. I have eliminated caffeine (majority) from my diet as well as refined sugars and gluten, sugary snacks and night time snacking.  I have also discovered that the  headaches i've been experiencing for the last 10 years were probably due to the foods I ate and I am also proud to say that my anxiety has diminished as well.   
    The staff was amazing at motivating me during ChicBoxing classes and I have to say that receiving the daily emails, mini "cooking class" videos or having access to the facebook page was a great way to stay connected.
     I now have a new # 1 cheerleader:  MYSELF!  I am strong and capapble woman and this lifestyle of clean healthier eating is an eye opener that I will be transfering to my children as well.   
    Thank you for this great opportunity for self reflection and  I am not missing my old lifestyle at all!  

    - MonaLise D

  • Just a note to let you know how much I love ChicBoxing! I have been a regular member for over two years now.  This is the very first time in my life that I have stuck with an exercise program/routine for that long.  I hate to miss class and I love that I can attend class all year long without any breaks, This makes it easy to keep going and stay in the workout groove. Plus its always fun!

    - Susan H

  • I started at Chicboxing in January and 3 months later I feel stronger, more coordinated and more confident than ever. Classes are always different and the coaches are amazing! I can't wait to see where my journey with Chicboxing takes me next!

    - Katie J

  • I have been going to ChicBoxing for over a year now. The workouts are fantastic and always changing. The coaches are always giving great tips and keeping me motivated to do better. I  always leave class feeling great.

    - Nancy D

  • "I just would like to start off by saying thank you to the ChicBoxing Team! Thank you ChicBoxing! And thank you to my fellow workout mates. Being a new bee I was a little apprehensive…It has been a great workout, and a whole lot of fun. I have been looking for an all-around work out and I finally found it. What I love the most with your classes, is that not one class has not been the same which is awesome as this certainly makes each class unique. The location and time fits perfect into my schedule. This year I decided I was going to take charge, and not just SAY I want to lose weight and be more active but Just do it! It's all about me, this year. I had quit smoking approx. 7 years ago, and knew I would put onweight. Now I am upwards of 50 years old and WOW! I AM doing it. Not only did I lose weight, I also lost inches. I am ecstatic with the results. I have surpassed my goals. I am so happy I have finally found a great work out that I enjoy, and just sorry have not found you sooner! From what I have learned over the years, do not set high expectations for yourself – set goals that are attainable! Which I did! I am looking forward to ongoing classes and results!"

    - Violet W

  • " When I first started ChicBoxing I was apprehensive to start. I had read about the class online and all the wonderful things that other people were saying about it but still put off signing up for the class. After completing the first couple classes I knew that I had finally found a workout that I loved and wouldn't get bored of, like so many classes I had tried in the past. Sara and the other Chicboxing instructors make you feel comfortable, motivated and as though you can do anything. Now, I can't believe that I put off signing up for this class and my only regret is that I didn't sign up for it sooner. I can truly say that ChicBoxing and Sara have changed me! There hasn't been a Tuesday or Thursday yet where I haven't looked forward to class and a good butt kicking. Classes are a perfect combination of cardio, toning and kickboxing technique and it is so encouraging to be surrounded by women of all ages, levels and with different goals in mind. No matter what your purpose is for joining ChicBoxing, you are guaranteed to love it! Although I have still have a ways to go in my journey, I know I can do it because I feel more energized and motivated than ever before. For this I have to thank Sara and the ChicBoxing team. You have made working out no longer seem like a chore, with ChicBoxing it is now something that I enjoy. Thank you! "

    - Melissa M

  • " You have a great motivating energy...Even when a workout started and I felt crappy and wished I was still sitting on the couch, when the workout was over I honestly wished there was more!!! "

    - Heather W

  • "The great thing about ChicBoxing is that you're working for an hour and you're working your core and getting in shape! It is so much fun you won't even think you're working out! That's what I LOVE about it!! Very Empowering!! "

    - Sonja

  • " I love Chicboxing! It's so motivating and makes me feel strong. The instructor, Sara, was awesome. Sometimes I'll stand in front of the mirror and do some of the moves because it makes me feel powerful! "

    - Tammy M

  • "I love everything about ChicBoxing! It's a great class!! I have taken a lot of different classes but this one is by far my favourite, it's the most fun and interactive! "

    - Lisa

  • "I love it, it's really fun. It's one of the workouts that I really look forward to each week, there's lots of laughs with all the girls. It's a great change and a great way to workout those muscles you haven't used over the years. The best part is the instructors! Sara, she's awesome! She has such a great attitude, she just wants everybody to get fit and have fun and lead a healthy, balanced life! "

    - Joan

  • "I love it because it's all other women and there's no guys to beat up on you!! :-) Plus, my wobbly bits aren't as wobbly any more!! "

    - Jodie H

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